We plant trees for a better world. Help us children to save our future.


First Academy in Western Nepal takes place in Rampur, Palpa

in which 87 children participated


240 new Climate Justice Ambassadors were empowerd in Malawi

And planted 170 trees


480 new Climate Justice Ambassadors in Ghana

Over 140 new trees were planted

80 new Ambassadors for Ostrava, Czech Republic

who planet 200 oak tree seedlings


During one-day events, we empower children and youths to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. Everyone is welcome to join!

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With your membership you contribute personally to climate justice! No matter where you come from or how old you are: everybody can become a Plant-for-the-Planet member.


With regular donations to Plant-for-the-Planet, you can provide sustainable support to our tree planting efforts and the expansion of our global network.

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